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Portion Controller is a specialized, scientifically- based weight loss belt that is meant to be worn during meals to give the user an artificial feeling of being full. The belt rests right above the navel, and every time the user consumes a meal, they feel fuller more quickly than they normally would. It is scientifically proven to work, doctor-recommended, and there are virtually no side effects. Users are suggested to continue on with their regular diets as usual, but with the new addition of Portion Controller to help them achieve their weight loss goals.


  • Applies Gentle Pressure
  • Portion Controller applies a small amount of gentle pressure to the middle region of the stomach. This gives the individual a feeling of fullness, even after consuming a small portion of food.

  • No Side Effects
  • There are virtually no side effects with Portion Controller. If the belt ever becomes uncomfortable or feels tight, the user can simply take it off and wear it again at their earliest convenience.

  • Patented
  • Portion Controller is scientifically designed and patented.


  • Easy To Use
  • Portion Controller simply gets worn like any other belt and does not require any special maintenance or assembly. The individual can wear it until they are ready to take it off.

  • No Dieting Required
  • With Portion Controllers, users can still enjoy their favorite foods because they will now be eating them in smaller portions.

  • Comfortable
  • When worn correctly, Portion Controller is comfortable enough that the user may not even notice they are wearing it.

  • Safe
  • Portion Controller is perfectly safe, because the individual's body burns the excess at safely. There are no diet pills or strenuous exercises needed to lose weight with Portion Controller. Additionally, there are no wires or electricity in the Portion Controller. It is similar to an Ace bandage.

  • Many Sizes Available
  • Portion Controller is available in sizes small, medium, large, and extra large.

How It Works

According to several medical studies, it is not necessarily the type of food people eat that causes them to gain weight but rather the excessive amount. When wearing Portion Controllers, users naturally feel fuller during meals more quickly than they normally would. Over time, Portion Controller will shrink the stomach by compressing it slightly during each meal.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Apply Belt In The Morning
  2. Put the Portion Controller Belt on in the morning before breakfast, fitting it one fingertip above the navel.

  3. Remove At Appropriate Times
  4. Remove Portion Controller only for showers and before bedtime.

  5. Purchase 2 Belts
  6. It is recommended that users purchase 2 different belts so that they can be alternated every day.

  7. Light Exercise
  8. Users can benefit from performing light exercises, such as taking walks along the beach or at the mall, but it is not required to successfully lose weight with Portion Controller.

Save Money

This unique method of losing weight can save people money because with other diet regimes they are required to purchase frozen meals, exercise equipment and DVD's, or a gym membership. Portion Controller simply consists of a weight loss belt and there are no extra purchases required.

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