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Power Floss is a handheld device that uses the combination of air and water pressure to floss your teeth. Dr. Hart invented this air powered device to make flossing your teeth easy. The same type of technology used by dentists helps to blast away plaque and debris that brushing alone has left behind. It is easy to use, pain free, and everyone can do it.


  1. Floss
  2. Use Power Floss to floss your teeth without hurting your gums. This system uses a powerful stream of water to remove plaque and debris.

  3. Stains
  4. Remove old build up and stains from your teeth with Power Floss. It is gentle enough that it does not cause pain, yet strong enough to remove even the toughest stains.

  5. Fewer Cavities
  6. By flossing regularly you will have healthier teeth and gums. A healthier mouth results in fewer cavities which makes going to the dentist easy.

  7. Dental Work
  8. Power Floss can even be used on your teeth if you have had previous dental work. You can still use this product if you have crowns, fillings and implants.


  • Portable
  • Power Floss is completely portable which lets you bring it with you everywhere. It does not require batteries, a charger or an outlet which makes it convenient and perfect for travel.

  • Design
  • The combination of a low profile tip and an ergonomic design make Power Floss comfortable to use. This design lets you comfortably and easily reach into the back of your mouth to clean all of your teeth.

  • Mouth Wash
  • You can even use Power Floss with your favourite mouth wash. Instead of filling the product with water, fill it with mouth wash instead. This lets you floss and rinse with mouth wash at the same time.

  • Braces
  • Power Floss lets you easily floss between your braces, making sure nothing is left behind.

How It Works

The secret behind Power Floss is the air infusion technology that is both powerful and gentle. This technology works its magic when you press down on the button which forces the air and water to combine, creating a powerful stream of water that blasts away plaque and debris. The stream of water is powerful enough to remove everything but it is gentle on your teeth and gums making the process pain free.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Fill It
  2. The first step is to remove the base and fill it with water or mouth wash. Once it is filled with your desired liquid, attach it back onto the tip.

  3. Place It
  4. Place it comfortably in your mouth with the tip facing your teeth.

  5. Press The Button
  6. The final step is to press the button. This forces the water stream to come out of the tip, which results in flossing your teeth. Repeat this process with all of your teeth to ensure you do not miss a spot.

Save Money

Going to the dentist is important but it can also be expensive if you do not take care of your mouth. By using Power Floss you will have healthier gums, teeth and an overall healthier mouth. This results in fewer cavities and dental problems which will save you an immense amount of money.

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Customer "no" Service

Larry | Newport, OR | 05 Jan 2016

They have a customer service line, but 24 hrs a day you get a stupid recording. If you have questions or want to request a refund you are out of luck.

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