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Rapidlash is an award winning eyelash and brow enhancing product. It has been clinically tested by dermatologists and ophthalmologists to ensure that it is safe and effective. Used regularly it can boost the overall health of lashes and brows.


  • Non-irritating Formula
  • The rapidlash formula will not irritate the eye. This makes it ideal for contact lens wearers and those who have eyelash extensions. Even those with sensitive skin should be able to use rapidlash.

  • Clear & Unscented
  • Rapidlash is clear and unscented meaning it won't cause irritation and it leaves you looking more natural than heavy mascara would.

  • Safe & Effective
  • The potent formula of rapidlash is not only highly effective, but also totally safe. It has been extensively tested by dermatologists and ophthalmologists.

  • Gender Neutral
  • Since rapidlash is clear and unscented it is ideal for both men and women alike. Men do not need to worry that people will know they are wearing make-up.


  • Regular Application Required
  • For the best results it really must be used every single day. Skipping days here and there is ok, but in general consistency matters.

  • Ongoing Use Required
  • Even once you have achieved the full and healthy lashes you desire you must continue to use the rapidlash formula in order to maintain the look.

How It Works

Rapidlash contains a unique blend of effective ingredients including lots of vitamins, minerals and proteins. These function as moisturisers, conditioners and enhancing agents. By nourishing the lashes they promote durability and shine giving lashes and brow a healthier look. Once daily application is required and many people notice results within just 4 weeks. The rapidlash formula is quick and easy to apply.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Use Once Per Day
  2. For best results rapidlash should be used daily to give healthier looking lashes.

  3. Continue Using Rapidlash
  4. Once you have achieved that full lash effect you were looking for we recommend continuing use. This will help to maintain the appearance.

  5. Forgot An Application?
  6. If you forget to apply your evening application then you can skip a day. However, consistent use is the key. Those who often forget to use it before bed may wish to try morning applications.

  7. Men Deserve Healthy Lashes Too
  8. Rapidlash is not gender specific. It is clear and unscented making it ideal for men who would like to boost their lashes without anyone thinking they are wearing makeup.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is This Okay For Extensions?
  • Rapidlash can be used safely even if you have eyelash extensions. This is thanks to the blend of nourishing ingredients.

  • Is Rapidlash Safe?
  • Yes. Rapidlash has been tested by dermatologists and ophthalmologists. Some people may have an allergic reaction as with all cosmetics.

  • My Lashes Are Darker?
  • Although rapidlash is clear you may notice that your lashes darken. This is because they become healthier and more defined. Rapidlash is not a dye.

  • How Long Does It Last?
  • If used as per the guidance, one rapidlash lasts 4 to 8 weeks. Daily use is recommended. When you only apply to the upper lash the product will last longer than if applying to lower lashes too.

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