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The Rocky Mountain Knife is the one tool that you need to survive in an emergency situation. With a strong durable survival blade and a serrated spine you can catch, clean, cook and consume all with the same tool. Not only is the Rocky Mountain Knife great in an emergency, but it is also ideal for hunting and fishing.


  • Versatile Tool Set
  • With this knife you can do so many different things. Cut cord and / or branches. Catch and clean fish. Navigate to safety. Build a fire. Create a spear. Signal for help. With one tool you can do it all.

  • Durable Construction
  • When you are in an emergency situation you need tools that you can rely on. The Rocky Mountain Knife is strong and durable.

  • Emergency Preparedness Kit
  • One of the best features of the Rocky Mountain Knife is that it has a complete survival kit right in it's handle. The kit has all of the essentials to help you survive.

  • Paracord Bracelet
  • The light weight yet ultra strong paracord bracelet can be worn at all times. Then come time you will be able to unravel it as required.

How it's Different from Competitors

The one thing that sets the Rocky Mountain Knife apart from other survival knives is the emergency preparedness kit that fits right in the handle. When you open the handle you will find the complete kit inside including fishing line, knife sharpener ) whistle, compass and fire lighting equipment ( matches and true spark flint). The emergency preparedness kit contains everything that you need in a survival situation.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Fashion A Spear
  2. You can unravel your free paracord bracelt and use it to tie your Rocky Mountain Knife to a stick creating a makeshift spear or saw.

  3. Catch, & Clean Fish
  4. You could use your newly built spear or the included fishing kit to catch fish. Then use the Rocky Mountain knife to gut the fish preparing it for cooking.

  5. Strike Sparks To Build A Fire
  6. With your fish cleaned and ready to go you can use the included true spark flint to light a fire. Now you have used your Rocky Mountain Knife to catch cook and clean your dinner.


  • Versatile Knife
  • With a super sharp blade and a serrated spine the Rocky Mountain Knife is highly versatile.

  • Sharp Blade
  • The sharp blade can be used to gut and clean fish and other prey. You will also find a sharpening tool in the built in emergency kit to keep it sharp.

  • Compass
  • The hilt of the rocky mountain knife includes an NSA proof compass to help you find your way around in an emergency situation. Because it is built into the blade you have everything you need in one hand.

  • Emergency Kit
  • The emergency preparedness kit is stored in the handle and includes all of the basic items you will need to survive.


  • Lose Shipping If Returned
  • One negative aspect of the Rocky Mountain Knife is that if you do need to return it for any reason you will loose your shipping and handling. This will not be refunded and you must pay for the cost of returning the item.

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