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This lightweight Shark Rocket Pro is an ultra-maneuverable vacuum that features enhanced swivel steering for better control. The Shark Rocket Pro allows people to clean each room of their home with its easy access cleaning rich and anti-allergen control. It has the ability to clean carpets, furniture, car interiors, window blinds and many more aspects of your home.


  • Anti-allergen
  • In addition to cleaning your home, the Shark Rocket Pro separates fine dirt from the air. This prevents dirt from clogging the hepa filter inside of the vacuum and also refreshes the air of your home.

  • Cleaner Carpets
  • Your carpets will be cleaner than ever after using the Shark Rocket Pro. The included power nozzle and powerful suction deep clean carpets and area rugs. It even removes all of the embedded dirt that you can’t see.


  • Bad With Corners
  • The Shark Rocket Pro does not navigate well around corners. This means that it may leave a lot of dust and dirt lingering along hard-to-reach areas.

  • Narrow Head
  • The head of Shark Rocket Pro is only 9.5 inches long which means it is rather narrow. If you have a larger space to vacuum, you’ll need to make much more passes in order to cover all of the surface area.


  • Long Power Cord
  • The power cord that is built into the Shark Rocket Prop is a generous 30-foot long. This provides maximum range for cleaning large areas.

  • Ultra-quiet Technology
  • The Shark Rocket Pro boasts ultra-quiet technology. This promotes convenience to clean anywhere, anytime without disrupting your home.


Ultra-quiet, extremely maneuverable, and anti-allergen, the Shark Rocket Pro is a lightweight vacuum with many great features. This amazing vacuum features enhanced swivel steering that lets your get in and around furniture with ease. It comes included with an array of accessories for maximum results.

How It Works

The Shark Rocket Pro features advance cyclonic technology that sucks in dirt without clogging the internal filters. It also lends this vacuum its powerful suction that cleans every room effortlessly.

How it's Different from Competitors

The Shark Rocket Pro is different from competitors because it is lightweight yet powerful. Many other products sacrifice their size but end up being much less effective.


  • Shark Rocket
  • The Shark Rocket is a much less advanced version of this product. It performs many of the same functions but it can be converted into a handheld device which is great for small cleaning tasks.

  • Garry Vac
  • Unlike the Shark Rocket Pro, Garry Vac is heavy and requires the use of vacuum bags. It removes dirt without contributing allergens to the air.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Replace Filter
  2. The Shark Rocket Pro is designed with an hepa filter. This filter should be placed on a year and cleaned with warm water every few months.

  3. Empty Canister
  4. The best way to promote flawless cleaning results is by emptying the canister after each use. This will also prolong the life of your Shark Rocket Pro.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does It Feature Headlights?
  • Yes, the Shark Rocket Pro features headlights.

  • Does It Come With Pet Tools?
  • Yes, the Shark Rocket Pro comes with pet tools.

  • How Much Does It Weigh?
  • The Shark Rocket Pro weighs 14 pounds.

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