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Shogun Steamer is a microwavable steamer that cooks food very rapidly.


  • Twist And Drain Feature
  • Shogun Steamer comes equipped with a twist and drain feature that allows the excess liquid and fat to be drained from the bottom of the dish after cooking. The unique design allows the liquid to be drained after cooking without removing the lid or flipping the vessel over, keeping the food beautifully intact while draining. This process allows extra calories from fat to be removed from the meal before serving, while keeping the presentation of the food looking attractive.

  • Patented Two Level Design
  • Shogun Steamer is made with a patented two level design that optimizes steam flow and distribution while cooking. The cyclonic action of the steam allows the Shogun Steamer to cook foods substantially faster than other methods of cooking.


  • Easy Clean Up
  • Shogun Steamer is dishwasher safe, which allows for a faster clean up than cooking in a pan or other vessel that may not be dishwasher approved.

  • Bpa Free
  • While Shogun Steamer is plastic, it is bpa free.

Save Time

Shogun Steamer cooks food with impressive speed. One of the examples given in the infomercial was cooking rice in around five minutes, a task which under normal conditions on a stove top could take upwards of twenty. The ability of the Shogun Steamer to save time does not, however, end with cooking. Since the steamer is dishwasher safe, it also saves time in cleanup. Rather than scrubbing a pan or other cooking vessel, you can just rinse out the Shogun Steamer and place it in the dishwasher.

Save Money

The Shogun Steamer cooks food much more rapidly than many other home kitchen appliances and other methods of cooking. If cooking meals quickly is a priority, then shogun can easily replace a multitude of other pots, pans and appliances, and negate further purchases of these items.

How It Works

The patented two level design of the Shogun Steamer allows for optimal steam movement and distribution throughout the vessel while cooking. This steam is able to cook the food thoroughly and quickly, without allowing the food to lose its moisture.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Achieving Full Flavor
  2. The infomercial mentioned adding seasoning. Things like lemon, herbs, and spices can really infuse into the food during the steaming process. One of the demonstrations given was even adding white wine, which when used to steam something, in this case a cut of fish, will impart a lot of flavor.

  3. Cut The Calories
  4. When cooking with the shogun, remember to utilize the twist and drain feature. Draining off the excess fat from your dishes will cut those fat calories making for a lighter, less calorie dense meal.


  • Size
  • While the size of the Shogun Steamer seems reasonable, many of the diagrams and demonstrations in the infomercial show that it will take up most of a microwave. This could potentially be problematic for families who dine together with different dietary restrictions. The Shogun Steamer can only cook one meal at a time for families who cook two different meals simultaneously but only have one microwave.

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Great Product

Sharon | San Diego, CA | 10 Jan 2015

Works well and compares to tupperwave products but this one has a great feature of draining from the bottom and is much cheaper. I have 2 of them and I use it all the time- One has left overs that I use for storage also.

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