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Shower Wow is a shower head that spouts rainbow-colored water, as opposed to the clear water that comes out of a standard shower head. It'll work within any shower, once you remove your existing shower head and screw this one on in its place. It's powered by water pressure, so it doesn't require batteries to run, and it's durable enough to last for years.

How It Works

Once you turn your shower on, the water pressure will allow Shower Wow to let loose a stream of water in a wide variety of colors. As your water runs, the shower head will enable it to transition through many colors of the rainbow, including orange, red, purple, blue, teal and green. When you turn your shower off, this process will come to a stop.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Remove Current Shower Head
  2. In order to install Shower Wow, you'll need to remove the shower head that is currently in your shower.

  3. Replace Shower Head
  4. After you've removed your old shower head, replace it with Shower Wow by twisting the new head on.

  5. Turn On Shower
  6. Finally, turn on your shower and watch as a stream of colored water shoots out.


  1. Kids
  2. Many children and toddlers whine about getting in the shower, but they'll likely be more enthusiastic about doing so after you install the colorful Shower Wow. In fact, they may even want to take showers more frequently.

  3. Teenagers
  4. Teenagers who love to dance and sing in the shower will have fun doing so as multicolored water cascades onto their heads. Due to this special water that comes out of Shower Wow, using it makes it much easier to imagine that one is in a dance club or at a concert instead of in a bathroom.

  5. Adults
  6. Adults are likely to find that using Shower Wow gives them an extra boost of energy when getting up in the morning, due to the iridescent color that comes out of it. It may also give a tired adult a bit of a pick-me-up in the evening.

Positive Points

  • No Tools Required
  • Installing Shower Wow doesn't necessitate the use of any tools or other hardware, such as a hammer and nails. All you need to complete the installation process are your two hands.

  • Doesn't Require Batteries
  • You'll never need to use any batteries with Shower Wow, as water pressure provides it with enough power to run.

  • Has Chrome Finish
  • Shower Wow's chrome finish makes it a shiny silver shade, which will look good with the decor in virtually any bathroom.

  • Long Lasting
  • Every Shower Wow is made of high quality materials that enable each one to last for a few years.

  • Works In Any Shower
  • Since your Shower Wow will work within any shower, you can move it from shower to shower in your home, if you desire. That means that even if certain people in your household use separate bathrooms, they'll all be able to have fun with Shower Wow if they choose.

  • Won't Dye Skin
  • Even though Shower Wow dispenses colored water, this water won't color your skin as it hits your body. Therefore, you won't need to worry about being dirtier when you get out of the shower than when you got in.

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