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The silk’n sensepil is a hand-held hair removal device that functions using the same light-based technology that is used within professional hair removal systems. Its producers’ patented home pulsed light version of this technology allows for the same effects to take place with a smaller device and a lower level of optical energy. Light-based technology has been clinically accepted for more than 15 years.

How It Works

The silk’n sensepil’s home pulsed light technology functions through the use of selective photothermolysis, a process during which optical energy is used to stop hair from growing. Hair shafts must absorb the energy that is emitted from the product’s light and turn it into heat. Melanin, a type of pigment found within hair shafts, specifically absorbs the light and makes the conversion. Therefore, the device works best on dark hair ( as opposed to red or blonde ), as dark hair contains more melanin. It is not suitable for use on dark or tanned skin since these skin types contains a great deal of melanin, and could become discolored due to this product’s use. If the device finds your skin too dark, it will not activate upon touching it as it would with lighter skin.


  1. Legs
  2. The silk'n sensepil will dramatically reduce the amount of hair on the legs.

  3. Underarms
  4. The product can also be used to remove hair from the underarms. Due to its size, it can easily get into curves and normally hard-to-reach crevices.

  5. Arms
  6. For those people who feel the need to shave dark hair off their lower arms, this product will do that job well, too.

  7. Chest
  8. Men can use the silk'n sensepil on their chests, but will likely require more treatments ( likely 10 to 12, as opposed to eight ) than women to see results.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Power Up
  2. This product runs on electric power, so you must plug it into an outlet before using it, and then turn the power button on. It is best to use it in moderate lighting.

  3. Activate Device
  4. If your skin is of a suitable type, the silk'n sensepil's light will turn on, and the product will be activated, once you touch it to your skin. This will not occur if your skin type is not compatible with the device. Instead, a warning light will appear.

  5. Remove Hair
  6. Once the device is activated, begin your process of hair removal. This will take 10 to 30 minutes, depending on what body part( s ) you're removing hair from and how much you need to remove.

  7. Power Down
  8. After you complete the hair removal process, turn the power off on your device and unplug it.

Positive Points

  • Inexpensive
  • Using the silk'n sensepil is much cheaper than going for professional hair removal treatments, and offers similar results.

  • Moderate Size
  • The product is large enough that it will cover the surface area of your body parts rather quickly, but small enough to be portable and light to lift.

  • Painless
  • There is no pain associated with the use of the silk'n sensepil. The only thing you may feel is a small sensation of heat when you place the device against your skin.

  • Permanent Results
  • The product permanently removes hair. Many women begin to see results after four to six treatments, with the vast majority seeing results after eight treatments. Normally, only maintenance treatments are required after these eight. Men will normally be able to move to the maintenance stage after 10 to 12 treatments. Occasionally, light and fine hair may grow back in, but subsequent treatments can usually obliterate it completely.

  • Fda-approved
  • The silk'n sensepil has been approved for use alone by the united states food and drug administration.

Negative Points

  • For Specific Skin/hair Types
  • In general, it seems that the device is restrictive when it comes to who can use it effectively. White people with blonde or red hair may not be able to achieve the desired results when doing so, due to a lack of melanin in their hair shafts. Black people or people with very tanned skin are unable to use the device at all. Furthermore, even if your skin is white, you must refrain from using for four weeks if you’ve been exposed to unprotected sun.

  • Light Burns Out Quickly
  • The lamp cartridge only contains 750 pulses, which is enough energy to remove the hair from your entire body once, or a specific body part several times. Once it runs out, you must purchase another one. Fortunately, the device will warn you when it is getting close to doing so.


  • Do Not Touch To Lips
  • Due to the fact that if you're of a suitable skin type, your lips will have darker pigmentation than your skin, avoid touching the device to them if you don't want to cause damage. If you're removing hair around your lip area, put surgical tape over your lips to protect them.

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