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Simoniz Eyeglass Polish is lens wax that is able to clean eyeglasses quickly and easily. It is safe to use and works effectively on all types of lenses. The amount in one bottle is enough for hundreds of cleanings, and besides cleaning current dirt off your glasses, this polish will also repel future dirt. Additionally, it can be used on other glass surfaces, such as smartphone screens.

How It Works

Simoniz Eyeglass Polish is made of a wax compound that is able to penetrate deeply into all glass surfaces and remove any dirt, fingerprints, or oil that each has attracted. Like car wax does when applied to a car, the compound also creates an invisible barrier on each surface that fights off future dirt and protects against scratching. This polish has been designed for eyeglasses, but will work on all glass surfaces, such as those of smartphones, watches, and microwaves, plus the surfaces of cars, bicycles, and boats. It will not cause damage to any of these surfaces.


  1. Eyeglasses
  2. The prime use for Simoniz Eyeglass Polish is to clean eyeglasses, including mirrored sunglasses, which tend to attract fingerprints.

  3. Electronics
  4. This polish can also be effectively used to clean the glass screens of many electronics, including smartphones, tablets, cameras, laptops, and gps units. Furthermore, the polish will protect these devices' screens from future scratch marks.

  5. Household Items
  6. Simoniz Eyeglass Polish can be used to polish the glass fronts of common household items, including watches, microwaves, and mirrors, plus anything made of leather or stainless steel.

  7. Vehicles
  8. Simoniz will effectively clean the outsides of various motorized vehicles, such as cars, boats, and rvs, along with bicycles.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Dab
  2. Dab a small amount of the polish on the lenses of your eyeglasses, or any other glass surface that you wish to clean. Most eyeglasses should only require one dab on each lens, but of course, larger surfaces will require more polish.

  3. Rub
  4. Using the microfiber cloth that comes with the polish, gently rub the polish around to ensure that its fast-acting compound penetrates the whole of the surface you wish to clean.

  5. Wipe
  6. After about 30 seconds to a minute of rubbing, depending on the size of the surface you're cleaning, use a dry part of the cloth to wipe the polish off. Now your glasses ( or alternative surface ) will be completely clean.

Positive Points

  • Lasting Effect
  • The effects of Simoniz Eyeglass Polish will last for weeks, even after you clean a surface once. Therefore, you won't have to clean your glasses or other dirty surfaces daily, or even weekly.

  • Eliminates Fogging
  • Besides removing current dirt and protecting against future dirt, the protective barrier created by this polish's application to a glass surface helps reduce fogging. This is especially beneficial when the polish is used with eyeglasses.

  • Comes With Cloth And Case
  • Each bottle of Simoniz Eyeglass Polish comes with a microfiber cloth, so you don't have to resort to using tissues. These each also come with a small drawstring carrying case, so you can take them wherever you go.

Negative Points

  • Not A Spray
  • You do not spray, but dab Simoniz Eyeglass Polish onto a glass surface. The polish would be even more convenient, and you’d likely be able to cover a greater surface area with it more quickly, if it came in a spray bottle.


Within the infomercial, simoniz is applied to only one lens of a pair of glasses, while nothing is applied to the other lens. The glasses are dipped in a bowl of powder, which ends up easily sliding off the lens that’s been treated with simoniz. On the other hand, some powder still remains on the untreated lens. This acts as a demonstration of the fact that the simoniz polish is resistant to dirt and dust.

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Works as Shown

Amy | Forest Lake , MN | 30 Aug 2014

Works just as shown, I love this polish!

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