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The Simply Fit Board is a workout device for men and women of all ages that's shaped like a skateboard, but is curved upward at each end and rests directly on the ground. You can use it virtually anywhere, indoors or out, to tone your core and the rest of your body in just minutes per day. With each lightweight, portable board, you'll also receive a basic workout DVD containing three routines.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Place Board On Flat Surface
  2. To get started with your board, you'll need to place it on a flat surface. Besides using it on standard carpet, wood, or tile flooring, you'll also be able to use the board on grass, sand, or pavement. Keep in mind, though, that it could damage a wood or tile floor as it moves back and forth, so using it on brand-new flooring may not be the best choice. When your board is lying flat, check to make sure the ends are pointing up instead of down ( if they're pointing down, it's upside-down ).

  3. Step On And Start Twisting
  4. Once you've got your board placed correctly, step onto it with bare feet or sneakers, placing one foot near each end. From there, you can begin to twist from side to side, moving each end of the board forward and back as you do so. This twisting motion will work your core and your legs, and you can swing your arms in a coordinated fashion to get an arm workout, too.


  • Four Colors Available
  • When selecting a Simply Fit Board, you'll be able to choose between four different colors, including orange, green, blue, and magenta.

  • Lightweight And Portable
  • This board is lightweight and portable, so you can carry it outdoors, in the car, or almost anywhere else you might want to go. Due to its compact size, you'll be able to store it almost anywhere when it's not in use, including under a piece of furniture.

  • Holds Up To 400 Pounds
  • Although it's lightweight, the board is also strong enough to hold up to 400 pounds, so even if you're very obese when you start using it, it'll be unlikely to break underneath you.

Positive Points

  • Blasts Away Fat
  • Regardless of whether you use it for five minutes a day or an hour per day, the Simply Fit Board will help you blast away fat as you move. After this occurs, you'll likely look more attractive in your favorite clothing, and may even drop a size or several.

  • Improves Balance
  • Besides helping you burn fat and tone your body, this board will also help you improve your balance, since you'll need to remain in a standing position without falling over while twisting back and forth.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Add Weights
  2. If you ever find that using this board on its own to do a workout is becoming too easy, you can place dumbbells in your hands and move them back and forth as you twist.

  3. Use As Leg/arm Rest
  4. To add even more variety to your workout, you can also use your board as an arm rest while you do push-ups or planks, and a leg rest while you do sit-ups or crunches.

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