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Simply Straight Brush is a flat hairbrush with ceramic-coated bristles that will also straighten your hair. It's suitable for all types of hair, regardless of length or texture, and will heat up quickly to 450 degrees Fahrenheit so it can effectively straighten your locks. Unlike some alternative methods or tools for straightening, it won't damage your hair or dull its shine.

How It Works

Each Simply Straight Brush is as powerful as a flat iron but can also style your hair like a hairbrush does, so by using this tool, you can complete both tasks at the same time. Once you've heated up your brush, each of its ceramic-coated bristles will gently deliver heat to each and every strand as you run it through your hair. After you finish brushing, if you've brushed for long enough, you'll find that each section of your hair is straight, frizz-free, and glowing with a healthy shine.


  • Pink And Black
  • Each brush comes in an attractive combination of black and a hot pink shade, a color combination that tends to be appealing to young women. With your brush, you'll also get a matching pink and black travel case, which you can use if you want to take your brush with you when you're going away from home.

  • Portable
  • Even if you don't use the included travel case, this brush can be carried virtually anywhere, as long as it has cooled off. Although there is an electrical cord attached to each one, the combination of cord and brush will still make a fairly lightweight load. Besides taking it on an overnight excursion, you may want to bring your brush to school or work if you like to touch up your hairstyle during the day.

  • Automatically Shuts Off
  • The Simply Straight Brush will automatically shut off after 60 minutes, so if you accidentally leave yours on, you likely won't return home and find whatever it was sitting on burnt to a crisp. You also won't waste the electricity it would use if left on for hours at a time.

  • Temperature Display
  • Each brush has a small screen that displays the current temperature of the brush whenever it's on, so you'll be able to tell when it has reached its full heat of 450 degrees.

Save Time

Since you can style and straighten at the same time by making use of this brush, using it will enable you to complete your hair routine in about half the time you would otherwise take.


  • Styling Chemicals
  • Spray-on or gel based styling chemicals will straighten your hair, too, but some ingredients in many of these formulas can also damage your hair. Plus, some of these solutions smell quite unpleasant.

  • Flat Iron
  • A flat iron is capable of making your hair pin-straight, but it'll do so by literally frying your hair, which will negatively affect its health and appearance in the long run.

  • Blow Dryer And Brush
  • If you have the coordination, you may be able to straighten your hair by aiming heat at it with a blow dryer while brushing it at the same time. However, not everyone can master this technique perfectly, and it tends to be time-consuming.

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