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Slim Band is a surgical weight loss procedure. It is designed to cut hunger making you feel full sooner while eating and keeping full throughout the entire day. This procedure involves having an elastic band put around the upper portion of your stomach. The size of your stomach will be drastically reduced so you will not eat as much because you will feel full sooner. Forget about having to drastically change your lifestyle, instead try Slim Band - it does most of the work for you.

How It Works

This procedure involves putting a silicon band around a portion of the stomach. It only takes 30 minutes to complete and you can leave the hospital that same day. The Slim Band creates a smaller section of the stomach which makes you feel full faster. You eat less because only a small amount of food can pass through the Slim Band at once, so you eat more slowly and chew more. When we eat slowly our stomach has time to signal our brain when we are full. In combination with eating less, this makes for the ideal diet which is easy to maintain.

Positive Points

  • Reversible
  • Slim Band is completely reversible. The physician only has to remove the silicon elastic.

  • Adjustable
  • The elastic can be adjusted to meet your needs. If you are pregnant for example, you can loosen the elastic so you can eat more.

  • 30 Minutes
  • The minor surgery only lasts 30 minutes. You will even be released from the hospital on that day.

  • Minor Incisions
  • The incisions required to complete this procedure are very small and practically unnoticeable.

  • Works Right Away
  • Forget about having to spend weeks depriving yourself so you can shrink your stomach to ensure you will eat less. This procedure works right away so you will feel full sooner.

  • No Pills
  • Slim Band does not involve having to swallow several pills a day. You will not have to count calories or eat pre-made meals. All you have to do, is eat and listen to your body.

  • Support System
  • You do not have to worry about taking this journey alone. The Slim Band community will support you every step of the way. Trained professionals, forums and support groups are available to your free of charge to help with your success.

  • Long Term Weight Loss
  • The problem with diets is that they cannot be maintained because they are not ideal. Slim Band is a long term weight loss solution. This system can help you lose up to half of your excess weight in 12 months. Even better is in follow up studies most Slim Band patients were able to maintain their weight loss for seven years following surgery.

How it's Different from Competitors

The primary competitor of Slim Band is gastric bypass surgery. However these two procedures are very different. Slim Band is reversible, adjustable, only takes 30 minutes and involves minor incisions. None of these are the case with gastric bypass surgery. Gastric bypass involves permanently removing part of the stomach and attaching it directly to your digestive tract. This procedure is not reversible or adjustable. It also requires larger incisions, staples, and a much longer stay in the hospital.


Waste of Money

Debby | Livonia, MI | 21 Oct 2018

Worst thing I ever wasted money on. It doesn’t work and they just wanted your money, they are not supportive. You can’t sleep on the side the port is on, it hurts too much. Hell the doctor who was doing these lost his license, need I say more?

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