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Socket dock is a wall outlet replacement with a charging outlet on top to increase efficiency of a standard wall outlet.


  • Two Outlets
  • The socket dock comes equipped with two power outlets in a rectangular format that is akin to a standard wall outlet. Placing socket dock over a standard outlet does not affect the appearance over much, but does cause the outlet to protrude from the wall by maybe an inch.

  • Charging Station
  • The key feature of the socket dock is the charging station on top. Since the socket dock in essence causes the outlet to protrude from the wall, a device can be placed atop the socket dock to charge without a charger cord.

  • Multiple Adapters
  • The socket dock comes with three different adapters to make the most use of it. It comes with three commonly used adapters, so that most people can use socket dock to charge the majority of their devices.

  • Bonus Usb Slots
  • Socket dock comes not only with the charging dock on top, but also has two usb slots on the side. This allows people to charge even more devices without having to take up one of the two electrical outlets on the front face of socket dock.

  • Stackable
  • Socket dock is designed to be stackable. This means that you can plug a socket dock into another socket dock to make an ultimate charging station. Each of the socket docks would still have a functioning top dock, and between the two, there would be four usb slots. A charging station made with 2 socket docks would be able to charge six devices without taking up a single standard electrical outlet.


  • 3 Different Adapters
  • The three adapters included with socket dock allow more people to charge more devices. In essence, you can have a family that has both apple and samsung phones, and have a charger that with a quick change of the adapter could charge both devices.

  • Cordless
  • The top of the socket dock being the adapter allows for cordless charging. Since you can just set the device to be charged atop the socket dock, there's no need for the messy appearance of cords. When multiple socket docks are stacked together, it makes for a very organized looking charging station to hold almost any device.

  • Open Outlets
  • One of the key benefits of socket dock is the open electrical sockets. Using one socket dock allows for three devices to be charged at once via the top adapter and the two usb slots on the side. All of these devices can be charged without using a single electrical outlet. This is ideal for areas where many things may occupy an electrical outlet. For a nightstand with both a lamp and alarm clock, you can also have a charging station without having to buy an ugly power strip. In a kitchen where appliances are left out, there is no swapping what is plugged in just to charge a phone while browsing recipes. Socket dock simplifies and organizes charging stations in any room.

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