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The Square Pan is a unique square shaped non-stick pan which has deep sides adequate for cooking thick foods.


The pan is promoted by a celebrity chef whose name is Eric Theiss. He has promoted many as seen on television products for cooking including things like Copper Crisper. This chef completes culinary demonstrations live on the air and has supported things that other celebrity chefs have been known to enjoy. What is a bit unique is that while he is the promoter, the infomercial site doesn’t ever state his name or reputation. One would think that the company would start with this information if they are using his personality and fame to promote their products, but they don’t.


  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • They have a lifetime guarantee if it should peel, break, or blister in any capacity. Should this happen, the company will provide a replacement free of charge.

  • Non-stick
  • Square Pan has non-stick technology behind it which is roughly the same across all non-stick kitchen ware designs. That does not mean it is a poor design by any stretch. It still prevents most things from sticking, and is much easier to clean up when all is said and done.

  • Hollow Handle
  • The handle for the Square Pan is hollow. This is designed purposefully so that it cools faster than the pan itself. The hollow handles mean that in some cases consumers can touch it sooner than the rest of the pan with their bare hands. This is seemingly for moving the pan around or picking it up to serve up food. It is still recommended that an oven mitt be worn when foods have been prepared on high heat.


  • Not For All Foods
  • The square shape is good for certain foods, but not all. Fried eggs don’t pan out—no pun intended—well in this Square Pan. Eggs won’t stay together the same way they do in smaller, circular non-stick pans. Some foods like omelets or quesadillas are traditionally made in circular pans so the omelet would turn out rectangular in shape. The quesadilla fillings might seep out of the tortilla. Again, for certain foods this might not be problematic, but for many traditional foods it can impact for the worse the presentation and the quality.

  • Not Copper
  • Like most of the as seen on television products, while the Square Pan claims to be copper, it is not made of it. Instead, it is copper colored and is really a steel induction plate which has an aluminum coating. So if consumers want a legitimate copper pan, this is not the cookware best suited for them. However, if they don’t mind about it being authentic copper then it doesn’t present a problem. In fact, not being real copper means it doesn’t have to be polished the same way an authentic copper pan would.


  • No Authenticity
  • There is little information provided about what the special “Cerami-tech” technology is, which the technology behind it being non-stick is. This is not a bad thing, but it is just unclear as to why this is unique, how it differs from any other products out there.

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