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The Stone Wave Cooker is a microwaveable cooking pot made out of ceramic stoneware that allows you to cook a variety of delicious dishes in five minutes or less. Its inner circle is four and a half inches wide, and it's only an inch shorter than that, so it will hold up to 12 ounces of food. This product comes in a set of four separate cookers.

How It Works

The Stone Wave cooker has a small chimney on top, which allows just enough steam to escape as it cooks your food. While it's doing this, heat is circulating evenly through the product's dome. These two processes together allow every inch of your dish to be infused with flavor, so your food tastes as close to perfect as possible.


  1. Desserts
  2. The Stone Wave Cooker is capable of making delicious desserts, such as restaurant-quality chocolate souffle and cooked apples with butter, cinnamon, and sugar. Just add whipped cream to the top and you're golden.

  3. Omelets
  4. If you mix ingredients such as vegetables and cheese into the Stone Wave Cooker with eggs, you can create tasty omelets.

  5. Poached Eggs
  6. Poached eggs are often difficult to make, but not with the Stone Wave Cooker. All you need to do is put an egg into the cooker alone, and follow the recipe book's directions.

  7. Toppings
  8. The Stone Wave Cooker is also great for cooking up vegetables, such as onions, that can be used later as toppings for items like meat and potatoes, or in soup.

Positive Points

  • Non-stick
  • The Stone Wave Cooker is made of non-stick material, so you don't need to use any extra butter, fat or oil to cook your food. However, you can use cooking sprays or oils for optimum results.

  • Hollow Handle
  • The cooker's handle is hollow, so it stays cool enough to hold, even while the dome is hot.

  • Compact
  • The Stone Wave Cooker is small enough that four of them can fit in a large microwave at once, increasing the amount of food that can be cooked simultaneously.

  • Dishwasher Safe
  • This cooker can be put in the dishwasher safely, although you can also choose to wash it out with warm, soapy water by hand, and then rinse.

  • Comes With Recipe Book
  • If you're stumped as to where you should start with your Stone Wave Cooker, it comes with a recipe book with tons of five-minute ( or less! ) recipes.

  • Handmade
  • The stoneware used to make the Stone Wave Cooker is handmade, so the product has an attractive, old-fashioned, homespun look.

Negative Points

  • Only One Color
  • The Stone Wave Cooker only comes in brown. While this shade looks nice, it won't match the decor in every kitchen, or other dishes being used. Plus, if you're using multiple cookers at once, having two to four colors available would make it easier to differentiate between dishes.

  • Not Ideal For Large Feasts
  • If you're having a huge family dinner or another kind of large dinner party, even four cookers likely won't cook enough food for all the guests. Since only four will fit in a microwave at once, you'll have to engage in more than one round of cooking.

Save Time

The Stone Wave Cooker is ideal if you're cooking for one. You can eat right out of the cooker itself, which will save you the time you'd normally spend preparing and washing an extra dish.

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