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Stretchkins are an all new toy that combines exercise with fun. You get to choose between many different animals for your little one to play with; they also come in a mini size. This toy is designed for you to put your hands and feet in the hands / feet of the toy. Then, you use it to stretch your arms and legs out. They can stretch up to 4 ft. And are a fun way to get some dancing and exercise in for your kids.


  • Soft And Cuddly
  • They are soft and cuddly stuffed animals that provide your child with endless amounts of fun. While having soft cuddly fun, you are also exercising.

  • Makes The Perfect Gift
  • The Stretchkins makes the perfect gift for any child. They are fun to play with, great take on road trips and endless amounts of fun.


  • Delivery Time
  • It can take 2-4 weeks for delivery, which can make little ones very impatient. When ordering your Stretchkins, think about offering it as a surprise gift for your little one so they aren’t constantly asking you when it will arrive.

  • No Refund Guarantee
  • There is no listed guarantee listed on the site. The only return policy information that is listed on the site just states to contact them for questions. Thus, there is no guarantee that you will get a refund if needed.


  • Super Stretchy
  • The super stretchiness of the Stretchkins can stretch up to 4 ft. It’s like a life size stretchy doll for boys and girls to bend, dance and exercise with; it makes it a very unique toy stuffed animal.

  • Bonus Accessories
  • You not only receive the Stretchkins, but you also receive a mini Stretchkins and a stretch dvd. These are special gifts that come with purchase ( just add the extra s&h ).


Kids love Stretchkins life size cuddly friends. They help to exercise and play by stretching with the child. When done playing, you can use them as a pillow or sleeping buddy. It makes a perfect gift for any child.

How It Works

You slip your hands and feet into the hands and feet of the Stretchkins. Then, you bend, stretch and dance to get exercise. This toy makes exercise fun and unique.

How it's Different from Competitors

There aren’t many competitors out there that can offer the same benefits as the Stretchkins. But, there are large teddy bears - and there are life size dolls - but Stretchkins do something they simply can’t do.


  • Teddy Bears
  • Teddy bears would be an alternative option for a plush stuffed toy. A teddy bear is soft, cuddly and can come in a variety of sizes. They are appealing to children, warm and help kids of all ages get comfortable sleep.

  • Resistance Bands
  • These are bands that you attach to the bottom of your feet while using your hands to support the band. Then, you stretch your body as far as you can stretch the band. It helps with stretching and relieves tense muscles.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Only Use Indoors
  2. You should only use the Stretchkins indoors so that you don’t get the toy dirty. Dirty toys would have to be machine washed - and the stretchiness of the toy may not hold up in the wash.

  3. Don’t Stretch With Two People
  4. When playing with the Stretchkins, you don’t want to play tug of war with it. Doing this could rip the seams or mess up the stretchiness of the fabric.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is There A Refund Policy?
  • There is no refund policy listed on the site.

  • Can The Stretchkins Be Washed?
  • Washing the Stretchkins in the washing machine should be fine – but, line drying would be best in order to maintain the elasticity of the fabric.

  • How Tall Are They?
  • Stretchkins can stretch up to 4 feet tall. This makes it the ideal height for a small child.

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