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Suddenlink Security has been protecting homes and families for over 30 years now. They provide 24 / 7 proffessional monitoring, so you can feel safe and secure during all hours of the day or night. You can also bundle their security with their other products, which can save you up to 33% or more off regular rates.


  • You Can Rest Easy
  • You will know that when you and your family goes to bed at night that you are being protected by suddenlinks constant monitoring and protection services.

  • Other Products Offered
  • Suddenlink not only offers security - but also television, internet, and phone service for your home. If you bundle services, you will end up saving a good chunk of money.


  • No Fire Protection
  • Although suddenlink does offer security benefits, at this time they do not offer carbon monoxide or fire protection services.

  • Reviews Are Not All Good
  • Reviews from many customers say that the security equipment looks cheap and that suddenlink doesn't actually do the monitoring of homes. If you ask them who it is that does the monitoring, they will not give out the information.


  • Stay Connected
  • A great feature of Suddenlink Security is that you can access your home cameras from any mobile device or computer at any time.

  • Email Alerts
  • This is great whether or not you are at home, because if an alarm is activated or deactivated - you will receive an email alert. You are constantly aware of what is going on in your home.


The suddenlink infomercial promises safety and security for families 24 / 7. They also say that with their great service you can save money by ordering their other products - like phone service, internet service and television service.

How It Works

Suddenlink works by protection your home at all times and giving you access to ways to constantly stay connected to your home.


  • Adt Security
  • Adt is the largest security company in the united states due to its state-of-the-art security equipment. It's only downfall is that the monthly fees are more expensive than most other security companies.

  • Frontpoint Security
  • Frontpoint security is an up-and-coming wireless home security company. They offer affordable prices and a 30-day money back guarantee, which most other companies do not offer. Additionally, they are said to be so good that they will take over the home security industry within a couple of years.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Bundle To Save Money
  2. If you are considering Suddenlink Security, you should definitely take advantage of the benefits of bundling your security, internet, phone and television services. It would be much easier to pay all of these things with one company and will also save you money.

  3. Set Up Email Alerts
  4. Receiving email alerts when you are away from home will help you relax and have peace of mind when you can't be there to make sure everything is okay. The email alerts will inform you of anything suspicious going on in your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Are Payments Made?
  • You can make a payment at your local suddenlink office, through the automated telephone system, or online.

  • What About Customer Service?
  • If you have questions or would like to set up service, you can call customer service at 1-888-5151.

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Eugene Cochran | Caledonia, WI | 10 Oct 2018

Have not had a problem with Suddenlink security until this year and trying to add a out building to it. Three appointments later and still no one has showed up or called until I call them but they call me to say they will be there and nothing. One person has called me back still no answer to why but equipment is not here but tech told my wife it was. Been trying for two months for this.

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