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Tree Dazzler is a set of Christmas lights that you can hang from your tree ( and take down later ) in just minutes, and unlike an ordinary string of lights, these ones won't tangle easily. These strings of lights also contain stay-cool LED lightbulbs that won't burn you if they're accidentally touched. With the press of a button, you can rotate through 16 different light shows and choose the one you like best.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Hang From Tree
  2. After ensuring that your Christmas tree is close to a power outlet, hold onto the plastic ring connecting your Tree Dazzler lights together and slide it over the very top branch.

  3. Spread Light Strands
  4. Once your ring is securely positioned around your tree's top branch, you'll notice that there are several strings of lights dangling vertically from it. You'll need to arrange these strands in a way that is pleasing to you before you power up your lights.

  5. Power Up Lights
  6. After spreading your light strands fairly evenly throughout your tree, it'll be time to power them up by plugging them into your electrical outlet. Following that, you can use your Tree Dazzler's remote control to shift through the lighting options and choose which one is best for you. Keep in mind that this can quickly be changed whenever you want to give your tree a different look.


  • 16 Lighting Options
  • With one of these string sets, you'll be able to choose between 16 different lighting options in up to six different shades, including solid / still lights, shimmering lights, rotating colors, and a multi-color cascade. The available shades of light include red, green, blue, white, pink, and purple.

  • 64 Lights
  • Each Tree Dazzler set consists of 64 individual lights, divided into eight strands of eight lights each.

  • Can Be Stacked
  • If you find that one's not enough, these sets of strands can be stacked on top of each other to give you even more illumination. To stack them, just plop the second set's plastic ring directly on top of the first, and spread out the individual strands as you normally would.

  • Bulbs Stay Cool
  • The LED bulbs found within each set will always stay cool to the touch, so if a child walks up and touches one, or someone accidentally brushes against one, they won't get burned. There's also little risk of one starting a fire, especially if you keep material such as cloth or paper away from them.

Positive Points

  • Compatible With Most Trees
  • Tree Dazzler sets look attractive on most Christmas trees, even trees in non-traditional shades such as white, and pre-lit trees. They're safe to use on both artificial and real trees. The only type of tree they tend not to look as nice on are extremely tall ones, such as ones over 9 feet tall.


  • Standard Christmas Lights
  • Standard Christmas lights look fairly nice, but they often get tangled up while they're in storage, forcing you to spend time untangling them before you add them to your tree. Plus, they'll usually only glow in a solid manner, or possibly blink, while Tree Dazzler sets will offer you tons more lighting options that'll jazz up your tree.

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Needs Memory Setting for Auto Power on Off

Beau | Antioch, CA | 01 Dec 2017

Needs memory setting for auto power on off. After I set up my Christmas light display, everything comes on with one auto timer switch, except for the tree dazzler, I have to go and press the button every day, so on days I don't get home till late, the tree dazzler is off and everything else is on. Note: one tree dazzler is only good for half a tree, so if you have a rotating tree, you will need 2, and a way to cover the bulky part on top the tree. Worth it for the price, just wish it had a way so it came on with power and remain on last setting.

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