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Tubaroos soap sticks are colorful moldable soap sticks which will make bath time fun for kids of all ages. The soap sticks come in 7 different colors: yellow, red, white, blue, brown, green and black. Additionally, the tubaroos kit also comes with a fun guide to teach kids how to mold the sticks into different shapes, and this could definitely keep them busy for hours.


  • Fun And Easy For All
  • Tubaroos soap sticks are a product that will have kids excited for bath time each and every day. It is not hard for kids to shape and mold the soap sticks into cool shapes or designs.

  • Fda Approved
  • This product is safe for kids to use so there is no need to worry about toxic chemicals that may be in normal soaps. The tubaroos soap sticks are made of pure vegetable oil and natural colors.


  • Small Array Of Colors
  • Although they do have 7 different colors, there is nothing specifically for little girls. All girls love pink and purple, but the tubaroos soap kits do not include any pink or purple soaps.

  • Only Available Online
  • This product is only available online via the tubaroos website. It would be nice if it was available in stores to save the cost of s&h.


  • Free Bonus Kit
  • For just the cost of s&h, each order will include a second set of tubaroos soap sticks for free.

  • Model Making Guide Included
  • Each order includes a free model making fun guide which will make it easier to make cute, fun, colorful shapes and letters.


The tubaroos soap sticks infomercial puts an emphasis on the fact that the product is fda approved and safe for kids to use. They claim that the amazingly fun product can keep kids busy for hours, either in the sink or in the tub at bath time. Additionally, they say that the soap sticks are easy to use and mess free. Furthermore, they are great for hand washing, face washing, and in the tub or shower.

How It Works

Tubaroos soap sticks come in small cubes which can be broken up and molded into different shapes. They are easily flattened and molded into whatever shape a child chooses to make. Children can mix and match colors to easily create fun shapes, which can later be used at bath time to get them cleaned up.


  • Lush Fun Soap
  • Lush fun soap is a lot like tubaroos soap sticks. It can be molded into shapes before getting wet, then used in the tub after it hardens. The soap kit includes 5 different colors, but unlike tubaroos soap sticks, lush fun soap is also scented.

  • Crayola Fingerpaint Soaps
  • Crayola bathtub fingerpaint soaps cannot be molded into fun shapes, but it allows children to paint themselves clean with 3 different fun colors and scents.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Get The Free 2nd Kit
  2. Children will love this product so much that they will want to play with it again and again. Having the 2nd kit will make it easier to keep them happy and clean.

  3. Have Kids Create Their Own
  4. One great thing about this product is that it allows children the ability to have fun while getting creative. Letting them make their own shapes or designs is a great way to spark their creativity and let them see what they are capable of creating.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are They Safe?
  • Yes, they are fda approved. Tubaroos soap sticks are made from only natural colors and vegetable oil.

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