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Underlight is an affordable LED lighting system. Each piece is cheaper than a full accent lighting system, but each piece can be used individually or connected to other pieces to form a decorative lighting system. They can be placed anywhere inside or out with the flat surface, such as under a table, along a sink, all without tools or wires.


The infomercial claims that the Underlight can be used as accent lighting within the home in a smart and decorative fashion. Also claimed is that Underlight can be used under things like beds, cabinets, to provide lighting for edges or outlets. This company claims that the lights can be easily attached to any flat surface, and with batteries they will use motion sensor technology to activate the LED lights when people are approaching. The advertisement purports that these lights are decidedly better than other lights because they provide a dim yet effective lighting source in smaller, more discreet places such as under cabinets or along stairs. These are typically areas where light doesn't reach.


  • Led Light
  • The LED lights are low wattage. This means that it uses less battery energy to operate and lasts for thousands of hours. LED lights as a whole last longer and use less energy than other lights.

  • Motion Sensors
  • Motion sensor technology is perfect for people using it indoors or out, insofar as it will fade the light in and out as you get closer or farther. The light turns on when it is needed most, lighting up the way incrementally until it is perfect.

  • Warranty
  • They offer a thirty day warranty should anything go wrong with the product.

    It should be noted however, that when you order the item, you get the free gift, but you can’t opt out of it. This means you have to pay for the shipping and handling for the free gift. If you use their thirty day money back warranty, you don’t get the original shipping and handling back, and you have to pay a surcharge of ten dollars outside the u. S. , additional sales tax for some states, and GST for CA orders.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Add Batteries
  2. Add the batteries to the lights. It takes three batteries per unit to operate.

  3. Attach Lights
  4. Attach the lights where you want them with the unique peel and stick adhesive on each piece. This makes it easy to adhere to any smooth or flat surface.

  5. Connect Pieces.
  6. Connect the multiple pieces to create the perfect look for any angle.

How It Works

Underlight works by using batteries to power the LED lights. The motion sensors built into it activate the light with motion.

It can be used in the closet or on stairs, where it provides just enough light to see. When it gets dark out, or it is early in the morning, turning on full lights can be unpleasant. Thankfully, these systems give just enough light to safely walk up or down stairs, to get into or out of bed at night, or to find clothes in the closet.

Other uses include lighting underneath cabinets in the bathroom, lighting doorways or steps, providing lighting inside cabinets or on the kitchen floor, decoratively lighting up a BBQ island, installing designer lighting under decks, and more.

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