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The Wallet Ninja is a small, flat device that will fit right in your wallet, just like a credit card. It combines 18 tools, including wrenches, screwdrivers, openers, rulers, a peeler, and finally a cell phone stand, into one. Besides being totally flat, it’s also lightweight, so it will never be a hassle to carry. By carrying a Wallet Ninja, you'll have virtually any tool you need on the go.

How It Works

Most of the tools that each Wallet Ninja contains are located around its edge, so all you'll need to do is rotate the device to switch between these tools. However, the bottle opener is located in the middle, and you'll need to insert a credit card into the thin slot provided to turn the device into a phone stand.


  1. Screwdriver
  2. One of the four screwdrivers contained within your Wallet Ninja will screw in virtually any screw, even tiny eyeglass screws.

  3. Wrench
  4. If you need to tighten something quickly, one of the Wallet Ninja's six wrenches will be able to do the job.

  5. Can Opener
  6. When you're camping or eating a single meal outside, you won't need to bring along a large can opener, as you can just use the one within your Walllet Ninja.

  7. Bottle Opener
  8. If you're having a backyard party or barbecue, don't run the risk of losing an expensive bottle opener, or bother buying an opener if you don't own one. Just pull out the one located on your Wallet Ninja instead.

  9. Box Opener
  10. During your daily life, there will likely be instances when you need to open cardboard boxes, and the box opener within your Wallet Ninja will make this easier for you.

  11. Letter Opener
  12. The Wallet Ninja also contains a letter opener, which will open your letters without ripping or otherwise destroying the contents inside.

  13. Fruit Peeler
  14. When you have a Wallet Ninja, there is no need to carry around or even own a large, cumbersome fruit peeler, as the Ninja will peel all your fruits.

  15. Ruler
  16. On one side of the Wallet Ninja is a ruler with centimeters, and on the other side, a ruler with inches. That means you can use the device to take measurements using both the metric and imperial systems of measurement.

  17. Cell Phone Stand
  18. Once you slide a credit card into the slot provided near the center of your Wallet Ninja, the card becomes a shelf and the device a phone stand.

Positive Points

  • Small Dimensions
  • The. Wallet Ninja is just over three inches wide, and just over two inches in height, about the same size as a credit card.

  • Black And White
  • Most of the Wallet Ninja is black, so you can easily read the white labels in order to identify particular tools. The black also won't show dirt easily, allowing the device to remain attractive in appearance over time.

  • Tsa Approved
  • The Wallet Ninja fits the criteria for approval by the Transportation Security Administration of the United States, since it has rounded-off edges and is shorter than four inches. Therefore, it is unlikely to get taken from you at the airport.

Negative Points

  • Two Inch Ruler
  • The ruler on your Wallet Ninja that will measure in inches is only two inches long, so you will have to take multiple measurements to fully measure a longer item.

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