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With Water Wigot you can expand the reach of your garden hose to places it won't otherwise reach. Get water when and where you need it with a water hose extension cord style product.


  • Get Water When Ever
  • With this unit you can get water wherever you need it, in an instant.

  • Convert Your Hose
  • You can convert your garden hose into an extension cord that literally brings you water wherever you need it.

  • Easy To Use
  • This unit is easy to use. You just attach your hose to it for installation, then turn it on.

  • Water Pressure
  • Many people might worry that adding this will decrease water pressure, the same way that adding extension cords in the house could theoretically dilute the power from the original source. However, this is not true. You can enjoy the same power and water pressure as your spigot, right at the source.

  • Attaches To Flat Surfaces
  • The unit attaches to flat surfaces so you can bring water anywhere you need it in your yard.

  • Good For Arthritis
  • Anyone who suffers from arthritis or struggles to lift heavy watering cans into high places can do away with that struggle permanently. Now, cars can be washed, hanging potted plants can be watered, and rain gutters can be cleaned without any issue. It does not require extra strength or lifting overhead of any kind to use.

How It Works

You can retire your watering can now. What happens when your garden hose doesn't reach where you need. Get water where you need it in an instant. Water Wigot is a go-anywhere spigot that brings water to you. Behind the technology is a double sided connector which turns any garden hose into a type of extension cord so you can keep your home watered. Using this is easy too, so anyone can enjoy water pressure equal to the normal spigot water pressure. With it you can water your plants, hose down your patio furniture, even wash your car. Get rid of heavy watering cans and water which never reaches where you need. Getting water where you need it is as easy as a switch.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Install
  2. Start by installing it on a flat surface.

  3. Attach
  4. Then attach the accessories of your choice.

  5. Hook Up Hose
  6. Hook up the hose to the other end and turn it on.


  • Surfaces
  • Theoretically, in order to use this, you need a flat surface somewhere around the end point at which your hose reaches. This is what extends the length between your spigot and your water. However, the Water Wigot has to actually be installed somewhere, not just clipped into place when used or anything. As such, you need a flat place on which to affix it, like a railing, side wall, or post. If you do not have one of these things, then you can only install it as far as you have one. So, a yard with a spigot twenty feet from a hanging patio garden might only be able to install Water Wigot 5 feet from the spigot. As a result, the extension might not be adequate enough in terms of length. This is obviously based on each case, so most people might not have this problem but should consider it before purchasing.

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