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Wen is a product that combines five different hair care products into one. This product acts as a shampoo, conditioner, detangler, deep conditioner and leave in conditioner. It does not contain any harsh chemicals, and works to wash your hair without producing lather or striping your hair of its natural oils. Simplify your hair care regime by using a single product - Wen



- This ingredient keeps your hair moisturized. It naturally adds moisture which prevents breakage and flyaways.

Chamomile Extract

- This extract smooths the hairs appearance. Chamomile helps to bring out your hairs natural highlights to add more depth to your hair

Cherry Bark

- Brings out the natural or treated color of your hair - making it pop. This ingredient has calming effects on your hair so it is easier to manage

Rosemary Extract

- Evens the tone of your hair and strengths it to prevent split ends


- Makes your hair look thicker by adding protein to the hairs structure. This prevents breakage, repairs damage and makes the hair more resilient.

Sweet Almond Oil

- This oil adds luster, shine and smoothness to your hair. It conditions your hair removing tangles.

How to Use (Step by Step)

1. Rinse Your Hair

- Start by rinsing your hair like you normally would before shampooing. Pump the Wen product into your palm and rub your hands together. The amount of product you need to apply depends on length and hair thickness.

2. Apply To Hair

- Apply the product to hair and scalp. Spread it evenly over your hair - you'll notice the product does not produce a lather but this is good. Run your fingers through the hair to remove any tangles.

3. Rinse

- Rinse the product out your hair and run your fingers through your hair - it will be tangle free and you're finished.

4. Extra Care

- For a little extra care you can add a pump of the product to your hair after you have washed it. Leave this extra product in your hair and it acts as a leave in conditioner providing moisture.

Does It Really Work?

Yes, Wen really does work. Wen works because it does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate. This is the chemical that causes lather but lather is actually bad for the hair. It is present in a lot of common shampoos on the market. Sodium lauryl sulfate strips the hair of its natural oils which removes moisture making the hair prone to split ends and damage.

Save Money

Imagine how much money you can save by purchasing this product. One single product offers the same benefits of 5 different ones.

Save Time

Not only will you save money but you will also save huge amounts of time. This product simplifies your hair care regime. You just wash your hair once and you are finished. No more applying products to get shine and luster or bounce because Wen does it all for you. Wen also saves you time because you do not have to wash your hair as often. Since this product leaves natural oils in the hair, believe it or not the hair actually becomes less oily. Your hair will not have to be washed as often which allows for quicker showers and less time devoted to getting ready.


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