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Wyzant Tutoring is a nationwide tutoring center that offers tutorials in a variety of subjects. Different branches of math, chemistry, physics, science, English and other languages can all be found at this one-stop tutoring center. The company has a database of 74,500 qualified tutors that can be chosen by the student.


  • No Commitments Necessary
  • This makes Wyzant the ideal place for students to learn whenever they wish without having to be pressured by time. Whenever a student needs a tutor, all they’ll have to do is log in and request one and an available tutor will be made available.

  • Tutors Can Be Selected By Students
  • Before an appointment is made, the potential student can review potential tutors’ feedback and rating from previous jobs. A discussion of learning styles and preferences can follow, which will ensure that the tutor is able to meet the student’s needs.


  • Doesn’t Protect Tutors
  • Complaints that have stemmed from the company include the fact that Wyzant doesn’t filter any negative feedback that students may give. Tutors may find themselves a victim of slanderous feedback.

  • Upfront Payment Before Lesson
  • This is often the cause of complaints since students have already paid and after the meet-up, sometimes find themselves disappointed. Issues about privacy are also a concern, since the company monitors emails sent from tutors to students and intercedes some of them.


  • Discounted Deals
  • Discount packages are offered to students. Their payment system works depending on the packages selected. Customers can select between the 5,10 or 15% savings packages.

  • Refunds Available
  • Once payment is made, the credit used does not expire and, in case of changed plans - a refund may be issued.


Wyzant Tutoring makes finding the perfect professional to handle you or your child’s tutoring needs very easy. In the convenience of your home, you can search for a tutor on almost any subject and carefully select whoever fits the potential client’s criteria. With the non-fixed schedules, customers will have more freedom and less pressure.

How It Works

For students, the company offers up to 74,500 qualified tutors that are available to offer in-person and online tutoring. These tutors are reviewed to ensure the best quality. Once a tutor is selected, the client can email them and ask questions. For tutors, they need to create an online profile that contains photos, reviews and qualifications.

How it's Different from Competitors

Wyzant Tutoring allows students and tutors to meet in person since they have tutors within 10 miles of 93.7% of the US population. The program also allows both tutors and students to interact with each other. No fixed schedules are required and payment is secure.


  • Smartthinking
  • This service only offers online tutoring.

  • Tutor
  • This site offers a free session.

  • Pearson Tutor
  • This service offers tutoring services from kindergarten to college.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Read The Policy
  2. Before signing up as either a student or a tutor, make sure to read all the policies the company has. This will avoid disappointments and complaints in the future.

  3. Ask Questions
  4. Clarify anything you need to know from the tutor before the first session. This way, the tutoring session will consist of pure learning, instead of details about scheduling or payments.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are Local Tutors Available?
  • Yes. Wyzant Tutoring has tutors from all over the country and can arrange for someone nearby.

  • What Is Taken From Tutors?
  • Initially, it takes 40% , which then decreases as more hours are logged.

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