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Zippie Sips is a specially designed cover that works like a sippy cup by stretching to fit over any glass to prevent spills. Featuring a sippy spout this product is perfect for children of all ages. A compact design lets you bring these specially designed lids with you everywhere go and you never have to worry about spills. The stretchable design creates an airtight seal over any cup and there is a straw version for adults too.

Easy to Use

  1. Choose The One You Want
  2. Choose which Zippie Sips you want to use. If a young child is using Zippie Sips they should use the original version which acts as a sippy cups. Older children and adults can use the straw version.

  3. Grab A Glass
  4. The next step is to grab a glass or cup and fill it with your desired beverage. It does not matter how big or small because Zippie Sips fits all sizes.

  5. Stretch
  6. Stretch Zippie Sips over the opening to create a spill proof cup. If you are using the straw version, you can now push the straw through the opening on Zippie Sips.

How it's Different from Competitors

Zippie Sips main competitor are sippy cups. These cups are bulky and need the perfect lid. Trying to find the right size lid for a particular sippy cup is time consuming and frustrating. Once you find the right cover you have to make sure it is screwed on right because if not you are setting yourself up for unwanted leaks. Zippie Sips fits onto every size cup, so you can stop wasting time looking for that exact cover. It creates an airtight seal so nothing spills out - you never have to worry if you have tightened it enough or if it is on straight.


According to the Zippie Sips infomercial is does not matter if you drop, tilt, shake or turn your cup upside down because when you are this product nothing will spill out. Zippie Sips will make all of your cups spill proof.


  1. Prevent Spills
  2. Use this product to prevent spills. Zippie Sips will come in hand at home, in the car, and even at the restaurant - never worry about embarrassing spills no matter where you go.

  3. Transition To A Big Kid Cup
  4. Zippie Sips are also ideal for kids who are transitioning out of using a sippy cup. Instead, give them the straw version. It teaches them how to drink from a straw, but there is still the security of a spill proof cup to prevent messes.

  5. Perfect For Adults Too
  6. The straw version of Zippie Sips are perfect for adults too. Sitting at your desk, with a drink while working on important paperwork can be dangerous and messy. One wrong move will have all of your papers covered in juice or coffee. Now you can use the straw version to ensure a mess like this never happens. The Zippie Sips design is not childish and will just look like a travel mug.


  • Different Colors
  • Zippie Sips comes in not one but five different colors which are all fun and vibrant - there is one for everyone.

  • Compact Design
  • The compact design makes Zippie Sips easy to store. You can carry them with you in your purse, leave them in your glove compartment or even put them in your child's lunch box.

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